I have traveled many lands, long ago and to today, I’ve witnessed the rising sun and the setting day. After all, I am not one thing, this or that, tit for tat– no, I am the whispering of the wind, the sunlight tapping in your shoes, the sand dust setting in your head, the midnight […]

changes to this blog

Okay so now I’m going to be explaining some changes to this blog. My posts are going to be less “finished” and “perfect.” I’m letting go of that. I’m going to start focusing more on quantity over quality. This blog is going to be expressing my emotions, insights, deep feelings, anything on my mind honestly. […]

Some Raw Thoughts on Simplicity

Transcribed from a journal entry I wrote March 20, 2021 (5:39-6:42 PM). Song played while writing: Sweet Farewell by Jordy Chandra. Edited for clarity and brevity. Sometimes, life is over-complicated. Sometimes, life is confusing. Sometimes, life is annoying, angering, or disturbing. Sometimes, I become frustrated that I can’t put a name to the nagging emotions […]